Saturday, July 17, 2010


So... I HAVE MY OWN OFF- ICE! I abso- lutely love it. When I took this job I definitely had no idea that I would be getting my very own own office, but I must admit that it is very nice. I even have a window - which is kinda funny because it stares at a concrete wall next to our building, but I am definitely not complaining. Very "designer-esk" if I do say so myself... complete with stylish guest chairs that are very uncomfortable to sit in, cute boxes to separate my projectsin, funky quarter-turned carpet tiles and of course, I cannot leave home without my hot pink hard hat!! I love everything about it and I am just so humbled and thankful for this new job. God has blessed me tremendously and I want to glorify him with everyone task I complete and person that I come across in this position.

Another shot of the office...

Our Conference Area

Our Resource Library - we are rather busy.

I absolutely love my new job!


Cindy H said...

Nice office! Glad you love your job!!

Spencer and Emily said...

I LOVE the new office! so fun! :) Congrats!

Sarah Staggs said...

Awesome!! Soo nice!

Christine said...

love love love love love.
You are a big deal!
Do you have time to eat soon?
I wanna hear.