Sunday, May 2, 2010


Josh started a brand new part time job this week!! We are so incredibly excited and thankful for this oppotunity for him. It is working for a private practice called Retina and Vitreous Associates of Alabama LLC that manages a group of ophthalmologists in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa & Huntsville. He is working in their main office which is in UAB Highlands hospital... only 2 blocks away from the buidling that he has classes in everyday. (We are very excited about this!) The company seems very flexible with his school schedule and will also allow him to work as much as he wants on weeks that he is able - (ie the month of July when he has no classes - hopefully he can work full time!) One of the main things that he will be working on for the next few months will be assisting all of the offices in the surrounding areas with switching to electronic medical record keeping - a very daunting yet extrememly necessary task for all medical facilities and practices who have not already done so. He is so excited about about this new opportunity. We are so incredibly thankful and humbled by this HUGE answer to our prayers. In this very troubled economic time - it seems that healthcare is where it is at!! (If you hadn't already noticed...)


Christine said...

woot to the woot! Praise God!

Spencer and Emily said...

yay! That is so exciting!!! :)